Why Mega Loss is preferred :


A unique combination of Green Coffee and Guar Gum provides a double effect to decrease and control weight.


Green Coffee is currently among the world’s most popular weight-loss supplements
Green Coffee Bean Extract plays a vital role in Fat burning by improving the function of adiponectin (Fat burning hormone)


Guar Gum reduces appetite and gives a full feeling and the sensation of satiety.
Guar Gum improves intestinal function, digestion, and absorption.


Active ingredients:


Green coffee beans extract
Guar gum




Obesity treatment.




The package contains 2 jars


Green coffee jar of 68 gm weight.

Guar Gum jar of 68 gm weight.





Dissolve 2.5 gm of Guar Gum powder in ½ glass of water an hour before the main meals, then take 2 full glasses of water after taking the dose twice daily.


Dissolve 2.5gm of Green Coffee powder in 1/2 glass of water after the main meals twice daily.

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